The Enlightened Way for Brands to Win at Facebook

To win at Facebook you need both a fan base and content that your fans will want to share. This video describes how brands are building their audience by giving their customers what they want: personalized content that allows consumers to tell their own story.

Take a look:


Where the rubber meets the road

The process is straightforward. Brand staff download Fotozap to a smartphone, tablet or connected camera. Then at events or in any face-to-face interaction, staff members capture photos and videos of customers enjoying the brand experience.

Customers visit your brand’s Facebook page where they access their image, share it, and become a fan of your brand.

Fotozap enhances customer images by adding: branding, photo filters, and special offers.


Where the road meets the highway

Why do only 6% of consumers who become fans of a brand on Facebook take any additional action to engage with the brand? Most Facebook Brand Pages lack content worthy of engagement.

Fotozap® solves this problem with a unique social networking solution: Photo Sharing for Brands.

Fotozap allows brands to use photo sharing in a way that consumers appreciate and staff members find easy to use. Brand managers can watch the increase in Facebook engagement as it happens.

Channel simple face-to-face interactions onto the superhighway of brand love with Fotozap. 🙂

If you’d like to see how easy it is to drive true social engagement contact us.

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