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Customize, Group, and Assign Campaigns

A brief walk through that shows how to:

  • create and customize Campaigns
  • group Campaigns into "Promotions"
  • assign Promotions to staff members and devices
  • how Promotions appear on the Booth and Camera iPad apps
  • setting up 3rd Party Integrations
  • giving your staff access to the Admin Site

Use the chapter icon in the bottom right of the video player to skip to sections of interest.

View, Edit, and Schedule Campaign Results

A tour of the Results section of the Admin Site showing the extensive reporting features, including:

  • customizing the Dashboard with over 25 modules
  • viewing Most Popular Images
  • scheduling reports to be sent as PDFs by email
  • viewing the real-time stream of images
  • how to find specific information associated with each photo
  • exporting data from the system