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Quick & Easy Campaign Creation with Presets

Add music, animations and effects in seconds.

  • We've prepared multiple speed change templates that you can load with one click (e.g. slow-motion/fast motion/repeat segments, etc.)
  • Select from over 20 audio files to play during your video or photo view...or upload your own music selection
  • Select from dozens of filter and overlay effects 
  • Add a pre-loaded animated overlay from our library, or upload your own
  • Slow Motion and Looping Videos
  • Use our default language for email or SMS notifications, or add your own preferred language
  • Customize your overlays and watermarks.
  • Use iOS or Android
  • Banner for each Campaign that displays above the photo
  • Add your own Pre or Post Video Clips

Multiple Capture & Delivery Options for Your Media

You control how images are shared

  • Capture Photos, Videos, GIFs and Boomerangs
  • Use a photo booth, 360 booth, or handheld capture
  • Use Email and Text Messaging to deliver the images, or use AirDrop or Direct Delivery
  • Delivery options include QR codes or a built-in customizable survey
  • Galleries are created automatically for any guest with multiple images
  • Up to eight sharing options including TikTok for videos
  • Use one or more sharing stations for photo pickup
  • Add a consent screen that must be agreed to before proceeding
  • Optional Photo Access Card capability
  • Customized Print Templates for 4x6 prints
  • Print to any AirPrint or DWP Printer

Advanced Features Offer Unique Benefits for any Event

Be a Power User and stand out from the competition

  • Dozens of built-in Video Special Effects
  • Use iOS or Android Devices
  • Add a pre-capture instructions screen that appears to the guest prior to photo capture
  • Cloud Storage and Management of images
  • Instantly copy all of your settings to new campaigns
  • Download you photos or videos with or without an overlay
  • Manage Users and Campaigns remotely
  • Photo and Video Background Replacement without a physical greenscreen  
  • Add an Age-Gate to any campaign
  • 24/7 Data and Dashboard access with advanced analytics and scheduled reports
  • Built-in API integrations with Google Analytics, Dropbox, Facebook Albums, Constant Contact, Mailchimp and more