Onsite Photo Mosaic

Display an Interactive Mosaic of Collected Photos

Combine digital technology with fine art (yes, your logo counts) to create an imaginative photo mosaic using the images from your event. The mosaic creates an image of the brand’s choice out of hundreds or thousands of individual photos. Photos can be taken onsite by event staff or photo booths, as well as being pulled in from social media channels via hashtag or direct submission.

Add interactivity on event screens and online:

  • Recently captured photos can fly into place on the mosaic
  • Online viewers can zoom in to the image in and see the individual event photos
  • Allow consumers to search for their own photo and see how it fits into the big picture.


AT&T gathered photos from onsite photographers, photo booths, and hashtag submissions to commemorate the theme of #BostonStrong at the Boston Marathon.

The mosaic was the best of both worlds: free form social content with the control of onsite photo capture and moderation.


Oscar Mayer created a mosaic that featured their iconic Wienermobile


Individual photos in a mosaic reproduced artwork commemorating Autumn Moon.

Consumers could enter their email to find their own event photo.



Select Feeds to Create Your Photo Mosaic


Onsite Photos

Display photos and videos captured in your footprint by your staff or with photo booths


Twitter Wall

Include tweets with specific hashtags, accounts, locations or lists.


Instagram Wall

Include Instagram images with specific hashtags, accounts or locations.


Facebook Feed

Include posts from profiles, brand pages, groups and public posts with a hashtag.


Vine Feed

Allow consumers to upload Vine videos to the hashtag or pull in from a specific account


YouTube Videos

Display YouTube videos from specific accounts or a playlist as part of the wall

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