Why LIVE Matters

Why do we think LIVE matters? Why is it so important for us to remember the power of a live experience, even while we embrace the amazing capabilities that DIGITAL presents?


Seth Godin wrote recently:

There are at least three reasons why someone might pay five or ten or a hundred times more to see a concert than the CD costs (not to mention the value difference: you can listen to the download again and again but the live gig is gone forever):

  • There are people around you, fellow travelers, magnetic energy, shared joy.
  • Something might go wrong. The artist is like a tightrope walker, taking big chances and the drama it creates is engrossing.
  • You might be surprised. Something new and wonderful might happen and it might jar you awake.

And yet, people in the ‘live’ business–restaurants, people doing presentations, the concierge at the hotel–often work hard to avoid getting anywhere near any of the three.

Your event is providing you with an incredible opportunity to connect with your fans in a very fundamental, human fashion. The magnetic energy, the drama, and the element of surprise are factors that you can leverage to elevate your interactions with your fans. And yes, that’s what they want from you. That’s why they’re at your event. And that’s why it’s always going to be important for your brand to keep a footing in the “real world.”

Digital is cool, but digital+live gives you power, amplifies your impact, and makes you extraordinary.

Live Concert Fans

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