Tough as… a Fotozap camera!

Check this out:

A few days ago, one of our cameras was on the road with the National Guard (they use Picture Marketing in conjunction with their recruiting efforts). Along the bumpy ride, the case fell out of the NG truck and on to the highway.

Couple days later, we got a call from a fisherman. He’d found the case on the side of the road, rescued it, and was trying to help the camera get back home. We put the story together, and the fellow did double-justice to his label as a good samaritan by returning the camera to the National Guard crew!

We’re most impressed by how awesome this guy was to help us get the equipment back in the right hands. But the second best part of the story? After the whole ordeal, the camera was fine! A couple scuffs on the case were the only evidence of this Fotozap’s crazy adventure through the air and on to a zooming highway. We released it back into its native photo-taking environment today, and it’s happily snapping away like a pro. What a champ!

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