The Scarily Effective Way To Increase Social Sharing

Capturing photos at your themed event, party, trade show booth or attraction is the ultimate giveaway for your business. Nothing gets people talking during and after the event like a visual story.

Transform onsite photos into shareable stories. Photo filters increase the online brand impact of face-to-face encounters by up to 50%.

The Scarily Effective Way To Increase Social Sharing

A great way to put your customers into your brand story is to combine Fotozap onsite photo capture with a Photo Filter or In-App Overlay aligned to your brand message.

Photo Filters or In-App Overlays transform the customer’s photo into something truly memorable. Among other benefits, this results in monster-sized sharing on Facebook and other social networks.


The Scarily Effective Way To Increase Social Sharing

Capture the fright onsite. Click here to understand the The Fotozap Process

The Fotozap® app lets your staff control
how the consumer’s photo will be transformed

Your staff act as brand ambassadors as they take photos of guests with the Fotozap app. By selecting a campaign in the app, they determine how the photo will be altered and with which of your branded messages it will appear. Photos can be viewed on a fully branded microsite, directly on Facebook, or on any mobile phone.

To give the photo as a gift, a staff member can: type in a guest’s email address, hand out a keepsake Giveaway Card or do both to supercharge engagement. Other app options include the ability to capture a photo or video, capture survey responses, and import photos or videos from a 3rd party app like Instagram or iMovie. The Fotozap® app is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, and built into the proprietary Fotozap Camera.

Participants can Drag and Drop props on their photo after it has been transformed

Fotozap® delivers results

We set up a Photo Filter combined with a Drag and Drop game for the Alliance Films thriller Possession, and it resulted in 73% event-to-online engagement. Imagine having 7 out of every 10 visitors to your business choose to go online and visit your brand’s website.

We help brands worldwide increase the effectiveness of face-to-face marketing. If you’re looking to use this sort of popular photo filter technology for your next campaign, we’d be happy to help you explore how to make it happen in an easy, fun, and highly sharable way.

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