Street Engagement Of A Different Sort

Check out this great digital+live sidewalk experience by French agency Marcel. As passers-by stood on a marker they were able to interact with a giant screen, Minority Report style.



Repetto – Vitrine interactive from Marcel on Vimeo.

While the vid is designed to showcase the elaborate production and seamless final product, we’re predicting that this sort of installation will become more common, and more open, in the near future.

Instead of the highly-produced ballerina, imagine being able to flip through videos that fans have posted to the brand’s Facebook page, or a curated reel of clips that were tagged with the brand on Twitter. The tech impact stays big, and the consumer engagement goes up a notch because yes, your video could be featured next. The Adidas store with a wall showing yesterday’s killer penalty kick… and their kicks on your goal-scoring feet. Flip forward and you see Johnny waving hello in his new tennis outfit, Mike putting on his helmet for the homecoming game, and Sally lacing up for her first marathon. When Adidas goes to the race expo, their brand ambassadors capture videos of each athlete’s “I’m running for…” moment. Those videos go up on the wall, too, and become part of the brand’s legacy of inspiration and performance.

Of course, we’re playing to our strengths here. With Fotozap® Video Capture, all those brand moments are automatically uploaded, shared, and immortalized. What does the future look like? Show us your sidewalk, and we’ll show you the love.

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