Shopper Marketing is the Rising Star of the Marketing World

Fotozap iPad: The Right Tool for the Right Market

Shopper Marketing is a rising star in the marketing world. All indications are that Shopper Marketing is on the fast-track to become the most sought after segment in the consumer packaged goods arena. Over 80% of retailers rank shopper marketing as the single most effective activity, in terms of ROI.*

What is shopper marketing? There are a few common sense definitions out there, but the one I like is from an article by Tim Manners that was featured in Fast Company. Tim simply explains; “Shopper Marketing is a discipline designed to drive growth by improving the shopping experience for the shopper.” Simple. Consumers are out there shopping away. How do we contact them when they are in ‘shopper mode?’ How do we, as marketers, move them from ‘shoppers’ to ‘buyers.’ When we market to them while they are in that channel…the “I’m actually shopping and can really buy something right now” channel, that’s Shopper Marketing. When we improve their EXPERIENCE, and naturally and authentically move them towards a purchase, that’s GOOD Shopper Marketing.

And that’s where Fotozap comes in. As brands focus more of their spend on in-store and point-of-sale marketing, they are faced with the dilemma of how to influence shoppers on their way to making a buying decision. Fotozap is a natural in-store solution for any shopper marketing program. Fotozap converts shoppers into buyers at a proven rate. The simple act of using the Picture Marketing system improves the efficiency of the employee staff, making them better ambassadors for the brand.  The natural result is that consumers feel more affinity for the brand at the point of interaction. More brand affinity = more product leaving the shelves.

Shopper Marketing with Fotozap

Using Fotozap to capture a video or photo of a shopper is a proven way to increase sales.

Fotozap succeeds on two distinct fronts. Product affinity is created at point-of sale (or at the event) AND online. Typically, between 40% and 60% of Fotozap shopper interactions lead to the consumer logging on to a branded web page, filling out a survey, and viewing media online, on a fully branded web page.**

FACT: On average, each single shopper interaction with Fotozap leads to hundreds of additional online impressions.**

Multiple functions all built into a single device –
Front line employees use Fotozap mobile apps to engage with any consumer.  Apps have multiple functions built right in.

•    Register attendees – at the door, or with a roaming brand ambassador
•    Photo or video capture – a video testimonial is a great way to create fans
•    Onsite survey – no more pen-and-paper surveys; collect data with a few quick taps
•    Sweepstakes integration – pick an instant winner at the press of a button
•    Immediate viewing of branded photos – the Fotozap iPad uploads instantly
•    Instant feedback loops – real-time results on survey and photo views

How it Works for the front line employee (Here’s what they do!)
•    Select any available brand campaign on the Fotozap device
•    Capture any number of photos and/or videos
•    Scan a card to hand the consumer, or collect their email address
•    Consumers go online to receive the photo, and answer survey questions
•    Each photo is queued up for easy sharing to social

Why it Works
•    Gives staff a easy ice-breaker
•    Engages consumers in a fun way
•    Consumers view the photo as a gift from the brand
•    Creates impulse sales
•    Gives all parties a channel for feedback
•    Builds a database effortlessly

What’s the most important reason?  Simply this; Brands want it – retailers are demanding more shopper marketing programs. Become an overnight hero to your brand by integrating the Fotozap iPad into your next shopper marketing program.

The Fotozap iPad is the Shopper Marketing Supertool. For more information on each feature, see our recent newsletter at:

Facts and figures sources: *InStoreMarketer; “The PMA Survey on Managing and Measuring Shopper Marketing
**Picture Marketing 2011 ROI Study

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