We joined forces with Ricoh to bring special photo activation packages to charity organizations around the world, and we’re pledging $100,000 in Picture-a-Cause donations for 2011.

Ricoh Fotozap Camera for Picture-a-Cause

Novato, CA, Sept. 28, 2010 – When Picture Marketing, Inc. employees recognized that few of the charity fundraisers they attended were incorporating social networking efforts into the onsite event itself, they set out to create a tool that would allow charities to unite their live and online efforts. The result? Picture-a-Cause.org, a charity donation vehicle that uses the company’s Fotozap® technology as a bridge between the onsite and online worlds. The program embodies Picture Marketing’s pledge to help non-profits integrate their resources and create one-to-one connections with their fans.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Ricoh to bring a donations-centric, cost-effective approach to the use of Picture Marketing in charity programs,” said Ron Tonini, CEO. “Our employees have always been very generous donating their time and energies to good causes, but with the establishment of Picture-a-Cause.org, we’ve raised the bar to a new level. We’ve set a goal of $100,000 in donations for 2011. The approach that we’ve taken makes it easier both for charities to request our services, and also for other participants to join us in supporting worthy causes.”

Social networking and charity events are a match made in heaven. Non-profits have long relied on events to increase visibility and support, gather contributions, and foster community among their supporters. Social networking has fundamentally changed the non-profit fundraising landscape, allowing charities to reach a broader, more engaged audience than ever before. By combining these two powerful tools – social networking and event fundraising – charities have the opportunity to amplify their impact… and fully integrate their efforts in new and creative ways. Picture Marketing, Inc., a developer of experiential marketing applications and technology, has found a way to do just that.

With the Picture-a-Cause.org program, Picture Marketing provides a full photo activation system to each participating non-profit organization, allowing them to take photos at any event with the Ricoh Fotozap® Camera and invite the attendees to view their photos at an online Microsite. The Microsite, which Picture-a-Cause.org also donates, allows the charity to connect participants with their social networking efforts, share or collect valuable information, and even invite additional donations.

The first partner to join Picture Marketing is Ricoh Corporation of America. Ricoh has agreed to supply the cameras needed for the program. Yuki Uchida, VP, Solutions Strategy, said, “We know that charities are faced with a tougher economic climate, which means reduced donations. The Picture-a-Cause.org program will bring a fun element to the event, and, more importantly, establish a strong online presence that encourages further donations and social networking about the cause. Picture Marketing is at the cutting edge of this movement and we are proud to be their technology partner and especially to provide the Ricoh Fotozap® Camera at no charge to program participants.”

For more information on new ways to enhance charity fundraising, or to request a Picture-a-Cause system for your non-profit or charity event, contact events@picture-a-cause.org.

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