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Fotozap Video at the Oscars

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Here’s a highlight from this month’s newsletter, which was all about Fotozap® Video Activation. We also gave a shout-out to our friends at SponsorPark, and announced our recent big splash on the 2011 PROMO 100 list.

This spring we introduced Fotozap® Video Activation and completely integrated it into our product line. The Fotozap Camera is primed to take videos of your guests, and we’ve made it just as easy to capture and display fun videos as it is to point-and-shoot traditional still photos.

If you request a quote for Fotozap Video within the next 30 days, we’ll include it in your photo activation package at no additional charge. There is a lot of creative horsepower in this functionality, and with an add-on price of zero as a special introduction to this amazing capability, you really can’t go wrong.

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