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Seamless integration is a buzzword (hmm, buzzphrase) around here. We use it as a viewpoint for all our product creation, even our marketing materials. At every level, our goal is to create things that work intuitively, effortlessly, and in a way that improves the “user” experience (pick your user: brand ambassador, agency director, random fan).

We think about seamless integration a lot, and recently it’s been getting more… personal. What if technologies were integrated into us? Digital experiences wouldn’t just intersect with live ones: they would be live.

For an exhibit at DDW 2010, Dutch culture thinktank Next Nature designed a conceptual supermarket filled with nanotech products that might hit the shelves sometime before 2020. The exhibit is designed to provoke discussion about our potential “nano” futures, and to help us decide what kind of nanotechnology-enabled future we actually might want.

Check out some of their inventions:

NanoLift – Physical PhotoshopPhysical Photoshop - Nanolift

What would your life look like if you had the ability to change the shape of your face on a daily basis? Not just retouch parts through make-up but actually alter the physical form of your face. The Nano Lift is a product that could make this a reality. All it takes is one trip to the cosmetic surgery clinic, where they will inject a grid of tiny magnetic nano particles into your skin. From then on you can adjust these particles at home with the accompanied magnetic stick. The particles are connected with your skin, so adjusting the grid means physically changing your face.

Enabling Technology: Magnetic Nanoparticles

Programmable WineNano Wine

Each course of a fancy diner should be accompanied with a soothing wine. But why buy each different type separately when you can get them all out of one bottle? Nano Wine is a basic grape product that is mixed with nano sized flavour capsules. When exposed to microwaves these capsules release their flavour. Different wattage and duration of exposure means you create a different type of wine. Just open the vanilla capsules when you are in an Australian mood. Truffle puts you in an Italian atmosphere and for a smooth Merlot won’t have to do anything.

Enabling Technology: Nano encapsulation

Wallsmart – Interactive wallpaintInteractive Wall Paint

This paint gives you the freedom to change the colour of your walls with the push of a button. Just paint any surface once with the product and nano particles in the paint will give you the option to change colour just by choosing on from the accompanied computer program. If you get fed up with your choice just pick a different colour and the walls will change instantly into the desired hue.

Enabling technology: Magneto chromatic nanorods

Nano Supermarket TV Commercial

NANO Supermarket commercial from nextnature on Vimeo.

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