Interactive Marketing: Stickybits and Lipton Brisk

Lipton Brisk Interactive Mural

Lipton has rolled out a campaign for its Brisk Tea that uses Stickybits to turn urban murals into interactive experiences.

Murals in New York and Los Angeles feature artists’ riffs on newly designed 24 oz. cans of Lipton Brisk. The interactive part? A scannable Stickybits barcode that pulls up a time-lapse movie of the mural being painted. Once the video has finished playing, users are invited to scan a Lipton Brisk can with the Stickybits app to earn a chance at winning an Xbox.

Stickybits’ main differentiator in the mobile barcode space is that it allows users to upload their own content to an existing barcode – so when legions of Brisk fans scan their cans, they can attach pictures or comments; in effect, they create a mini-social network around a real-world object.

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