Case Study: Direct Mail

Overview: Using photo activation to create a results-driven direct mail program
Picture Marketing uses physical engagement to drive digital action, and vice versa. Our one-to-one marketing programs connect live interaction (photo capture) to online action (photo pickup and user survey)… and then give the consumer a reason to interact with a brand again in the real world. In this case, that reason was a highly personalized, emotionally resonant direct mail piece.

A vehicle manufacturer saw the opportunity to sponsor the Muddy Buddy team obstacle race as a great reflection of its offroad, experiential personality. Picture Marketing engaged both race participants and crowd observers, and used collected survey data to drive a powerful (and award-winning) direct mail follow up campaign. The result: dealerships got more than just a drive-by; sales zoomed out of the lot.

Picture Marketing Direct Mail Case Study

Offroad to online… and back again
Covered in mud and riding on a post-race high, teams were excited to pose for their victory shots. Photo pickup rates for individual events one summer ranged between 65-85% and resulted in tens of thousands of page views. The survey page asked just a few simple questions. For the respondents who showed interest in purchasing a certified pre-owned SUV, postcards were generated using Variable Data Printing technology so that each individual received a highly unique mailer. Based on their survey responses, recipients got a postcard featuring their photo from the race; the car they expressed interest in (down to the exact model and color); and a map to the dealer nearest their zip code… along with a test drive invitation. And test drive they did!

Goals and metrics
The main goal for the campaign was to gain brand exposure and drive certified pre-owned vehicle sales, best measured by number of user interactions, test drives, and vehicles sold.

•    More than 16,866 users participated in the campaign during a single summer season.
•    76,877 unique photo views were generated; photos were viewed an average of 4.67 times each.
•    Increased foot traffic at local vehicle dealerships, with direct impact on sales.
•    Award-winning direct mail program drove substantial SUV sales & leasing.

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