Be A Part of Experiential Marketing Research History

Our colleagues over at the Experiential Marketing Forum have been gearing up for weeks to run an experiential marketing research survey – according to EMF founder Erik Hauser, the largest study conducted since the Forum’s inception 6 years ago.

To participate, go to:

Erik sez:

The time is finally upon us – I literally have goose bumps as I type this. I know the impact that this research is going to have for all of us now, and the foreseeable future. This is the first step in what will be the best, constant global source for Experiential Marketing research. We (EMF/IMI) want to invite you to participate in this historic survey. We’re asking you to be involved in the largest study we’ve ever conducted. This is your chance to be part of something EPIC.

The findings will provide a pulse on the issues facing marketers and agencies in today’s environment. The research will allow you to get a better understanding of opportunities to drive your success. We have people from every country in the world involved.

The forum will be distributing the survey results to its members, so hop on over to the EMF website to sign up and become a member of the EMF’s active community of industry experts.

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