Event Photo Sharing: 5 reasons to consider a custom-built app

Branded photo capture is a key element of most experiential campaigns. Initiatives can often be based on a white-label photo capture app (such as our Fotozap app for iOS and Android).

But at times, only a custom photo app will accomplish a brand’s marketing goals.

Request pricing for a custom app for your organization -or- read below for 5 scenarios where a purpose-built photo capture app makes good sense:


1) National or Worldwide Distribution

When hundreds (or thousands) of staff members or volunteers will be capturing branded photos, it’s mission critical that onboarding and user functions are simple and straightforward.

Example: Retailer with 1000’s of stores

In one recent build, we enabled each retail outlet to simply enter their store number to unlock the custom built app. Unwanted options were eliminated, and the user interface was designed so that training was unnecessary. In scaled deployments, complexity spells disaster. Simplicity is king, and a custom app paves the way to success.

Apps designed for large scale roll-outs. Request a quote


2) Guide End-User Experiences

If your brand has specific ideas about what you want a consumer to do before, during, or after their photo view, a custom app brings a much higher probability that the desired actions will be taken.

Example: Political effort with hundreds of volunteers

A political recruiter wanted the ‘Make a Donation’ button to be the prominent icon along with every photo viewed. We embedded a required survey where requested and placed the ‘call to action button’ so that it was sure to get attention.

Orchestrated photo sharing to build grass roots support


3) Reflect Major Advertising Themes

When millions are spent on major ad efforts, brands often customize experiential efforts to reflect those themes and support their existing content. We supplement those efforts with a variety of elements, like one-of-a-kind Augmented Reality video capture, video on video greenscreen, instant win contests, photo mosaics, Animated GIFs, automated photo filters, and more.

Example: Filters automated to reflect brand messaging

Coke wanted every photo to highlight their favorite color…red. We built the filters directly into the viewing experience so that every color except red showed in black and white.

Unique creative treatments using custom filters to transform the photo.
Unique creative treatments using custom filters to transform the photo.


4) Lock in Specific Social Sharing Channels

Direct-to-Facebook sharing. Instagram focus. Twitter first. With dozens of social marketing channels to select from, your brand or agency may have specific goals that map to a specific sharing flow. A custom app allows you to lock down options, alter the user interface, and ensure that every participant is guided down the desired path.

Example: Upload Direct-to-Facebook at time of capture

A major retail chain wanted four sharing choices, including direct shares to Facebook and Twitter, right as the photo was taken. We created a simple interface with all other alternatives removed. For major events, we can pre-register Facebook authorization so that every photo is immediately loaded to the guest’s feed, without further permissions.

Apps with custom-built sharing flows. Request pricing


5) Complex Data Collection Requirements

If your brand has particular data collection and reporting demands, a custom app can accommodate those needs. Data can be funneled directly into your CRM. Surveys can be changed dynamically, in real-time, by region, by campaign or even by individual user.

Example: Isolate all data to Client servers

A major US bank required that all data be posted to their servers, with no identifiable data stored elsewhere, in any form. We created the solution and ensured that it was seamless in the eyes of the consumer.


Our client came to us with a daunting request.

“Our client came to us with a daunting request. They wanted to release a photo sharing app that would be simple to use in their national retail outlets; over 3,000 locations. Picture Marketing was able to rapidly build out a working model. A whole round of client change requests later, a couple of weeks of working around the clock (24/7) and we were ready to go live. Picture Marketing acted like a partner…not just a vendor. They helped solve problems and everyone on their team was there to make it happen.”
Michelle Excell – MRY


We Live and Breath Photo Capture Apps

Brands come to us with their branded photo sharing requirements. Usually, our white label photo capture apps are all they need. But when necessary, we convert their requirements to a proposal and a fully interactive design spec.

Are we the right team for this job? Yes! With hundreds of custom photo sharing apps successfully installed over the past decade and millions of photos and videos processed, Picture Marketing is the leader in providing unique photo sharing functionality, in a completely branded package. Contact us today for a personalized proposal and quote.

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