5 Lessons from the ENMAX Photo Booth

ENMAX, a utility headquartered in Alberta, wanted to celebrate with their customers and provide energy education at festivals, sporting events and neighborhood gatherings. Watch the video to see how the ‘ENMAX Moments’ Photo Booths engaged the crowd.

ENMAX followed five photo activation best practices. Read below to find out how.


1. Put Consumers into a Scene

ENMAX realized the importance of putting participants into a ‘story’. They used the Fotozap iPad Green Screen system to place consumers into a compelling background scene. They partnered with Pacific Displays to build an attention-grabbing physical scene, which brought their event footprint to life.

Put Consumers into a Scene


2. Deliver a Keepsake Instant Photo

As a way of saying ‘Thank You,’ ENMAX wanted each guest to walk away with a unique gift. Fotozap onsite wireless printing delivered the perfect giveaway item. Prints include branding and a unique code to claim the photo online.

Deliver a Keepsake Instant Photo


3. Offer Digital Delivery in Parallel

ENMAX knew that consumers would also want a digital copy of the photo to share with their friends. But typing in guest emails one by one, takes time. Our Sharing Kiosk solves that problem. Guests simply hold their printed photo up in front of the kiosk screen. It ‘automagically’ pulls up a digital copy for immediate sharing via email or social networks.

Offer Digital Delivery in Parallel


4. Make it Mobile (Responsive)

Whether consumers receive their photo by email or by using the code on their printed photo to view it in a browser, more than 50% will be viewing on their mobile phone. Fotozap ensures that all emails and web pages are ‘mobile responsive’ so they look great.

Enmax Email


5. Promote the Photo Opp at the Event

ENMAX created a great display…but they didn’t stop there. They created a short video (included above) that was played on the arena’s screen, and invited visitors to come and get their free photo. The result; a constant stream of smiling guests visited their brand display.

How to Engage Consumers at Your Events

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