3 Reasons to use a Custom Camera Wrap

Event marketing relies heavily on “moving parts:” brand ambassadors, mobile displays, swag, engaging web sites (in the case of photo activation, which is our case). Each of these elements becomes powerful on a handful of merits, including experiential creativity, outgoing personnel, emotional impact, and brand identification. The easier it is for fans to recognize you and love it, the better.

Since we’re all about simplicity, we’ve made it our mission to internalize a lot of these moving parts and get them working together behind the scenes. Then, when a brand comes onstage, everything’s seamless. It’s a cool process, and we geek out on the “it’s complex but we’ve made it easy” aspect of the whole thing. So… we’re going to dedicate a few posts a month to the subtle things that factor in to making a big impact onsite.

Today’s exhibit: The Custom Camera Wrap

Small modifications can pack a powerful punch, as is the case with the Custom Camera Wrap that we’ve bundled with the Ricoh Fotozap® Camera. Here are our favorite three reasons for adding a custom wrap to your camera for any photo activation campaign.

1. The camera is a blank slate for your brand

The Fotozap Camera, unwrapped, is a subtle slate color designed to keep eyes on your brand, not ours. It can easily blend in at an event to allow your other branded elements to shine. Which also makes it the perfect place for you to step in and add visual impact.

The Ricoh Fotozap Camera, Unwrapped

2. It’s “your” camera

You’ve got ambassadors in t-shirts, lots of event signage, branded giveaways, and a solid footprint for your photo opportunity. Branding the camera itself solidifies your ownership of the experience; there’s no other  brand (yes, we’re talking about ourselves) competing with yours for attention. You wouldn’t put your event staff in a different brand’s t-shirt, would you?

(For the alarmists, see point 1 for a reassurance that the unwrapped camera is still pretty subtle. This is just an easy opportunity to put an even stronger fingerprint on things.)

Fotozap Camera with a Bud Light Camera WrapFotozap Camera with a National Guard Camera Wrap

3. Be a camera-chameleon

To take any guesswork out of the equation, we ship the camera pre-skinned with its custom wrap so that event staff can get to work in a matter of minutes after opening the box. But when you want your camera to be a quick-change artist, it’s as simple as ordering a new wrap design and applying it to the camera in a few simple steps. We’ve helped brands do this in cases where they’re running multiple event markets for a campaign and want the camera to match up to the theme at different event locations. The camera gets a beach wrap for 3 days of a spring break activation, and then heads up to the mountains with a new chilled out look for the second half of the week.

Camera skins can be changed at any time

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