The Matrix and the Simple – 2 Ideas in Event Marketing Photo Capture

Enter the Matrix! Capture Futuristic Photos at Your Event with a Camera Array

At a recent sponsored event, attendees lined up at HP’s booth to have their photo taken by a high-tech setup called the Fotozap Camera Array. As each group of guests jumped in the air, 25 professional cameras all fired at the same instant. The resulting image froze the moment in time and rotated it in space.

Participants were eager to see themselves in “bullet-time,” the same technology used in The Matrix, and to share their image as branded social media. High-tech setups like Camera Arrays draw attention to the sponsor’s event footprint and turn an attendee into a brand champion—someone who will share their branded photo on Facebook and talk about their experience with their friends.


Example of Camera Array image


Start Simple! Smart Devices Transform Staff Members into Event Photographers

With Fotozap installed on a tablet, phone, or connected camera, an event staff member can walk through the crowd snapping photos or videos of attendees, then deliver a digital copy of the image on the spot by typing in the guest’s email address, printing a glossy photo, or handing out a card with a unique URL.

Run the Fotozap app on an array of smart devices

To view their photo online, attendees must first fill out a lead generation form. It’s a win-win: attendees get a photo enhanced with branded graphics from the event that they’ll want to share with their friends, and you get to build your list.


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