Create Unforgettable Videos with CGI Special Effects

Event Photography with Samsung Galaxy NX

Capture special effects videos at your event

Install a Fotozap Studio at your event to capture video clips of attendees with the latest Hollywood-style special effects. The effect looks like it was hand-created by team of special effects professionals, but everything is automated to move crowds through the experience quickly.

The end result can be a video game, a music video or a car commercial. Or capture the consumer playing a customized Virtual Reality game. The result is a shareable video that creates an impact both onsite, and in social media.

Event Photography with Samsung Galaxy NX

The below three videos were created for each family who participated, so they could see themselves at the beach, by a canyon, and on the moon.

The Canyon Option

Click to view the finished ‘Canyon’ video. Each consumer was also sent a ‘Moon’ and ‘Beach’ scene.

The Beach Option

Consumers could see themselves on the beach as a van magically built around them

The Moon Option

Or how about a trip to the moon?

Video Insert-a-Face:

Video Insert-a-Face is a unique technology that attracts a crowd at any event. Far beyond just placing a static photo of a consumer’s head on an animated body, our system isolates the live 3D video feed of their head, and perfectly positions it on the body of a dancing, moving character, creating a hilarious video effect. Your event attendee becomes an instant star!

Click to see how the video of the consumer’s face was integrated into a Kia commercial
Multiple participants were filmed and combined into this music video. Check it out!

“The effect is magical. Our sharing went through the roof”

Our system uses existing commercial footage (rights permitting), or we can create a custom video, including animated characters based on your brand. A turn-key setup captures the consumer’s video onsite, right at your event. Participants naturally lip-sync and gyrate along with the video, which can be displayed, real-time, on HD monitors. A large crowd often gathers to watch the video creation unfold, and the comical result is delivered seconds later to the consumer’s email or smartphone, ready to be shared on Instagram, Facebook, and other networks.

Advanced Features for Event Marketing

The Picture Marketing platform allows brands and agencies to deliver custom photo sharing experiences. Every aspect can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Capture Options

Capture videos, GIFs, and photos. Combine kiosks with photographers, Social Green Screen set ups, and Social Photo Walls.

Full Customization

Customize every aspect–onsite and online–according to your brand’s requirements. Integrate with any promotion or web service.

Data Collection

Collect emails, phone numbers, and even custom survey questions as part of the photo sharing process.

Deployment Options

Systems can be shipped anywhere and in any quantity. Simple to set up and run with our staff or yours.

Sharing Options

Consumers can directly share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, etc. Or use Photo Access Cards.


Nothing is more important than the security of your data. Likewise, the photo or video of a consumer is private until she decides to share it.

Works Offline

No Internet at the event? No problem. Images and data will be stored and uploaded when you connect.


Real-time view of photos and data captured, social shares, website activity, impressions on Facebook, etc.

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