325 Referrals in 30 Seconds

with One Simple Act.

Team Foui include
Spike Social.

“Our success is 95% Referral-based. Spike Social turns our customers into advocates in literally seconds. We now have the power to reach new customers — and it’s all in the palm of our hands.”
— Dylan Foui


Easy. Quick. And Powerful.

Ready. Set. Go.

The beauty is in its simplicity and ease of use. There’s virtually no training required. You’re up and running in no time at all. Whether you’re a Single Dealer or Dealer Group, we have everything built-in to get you going fast.

No Speed Limits.

As soon as your Staff Member captures the event on their smartphone, our platform flips into overdrive. A Microsite is instantly generated and sent to your Customer. Then they share the event in their Social Network. It’s a thing of beauty!

Tons of Power under the Hood

Now the real fun begins. Login to your Cloud-based Dashboard to view results in real time. Everything is carefully measured and analyzed so you can manage your team. Plus you can see which customers are your top advocators.

Customers Endorse Your Dealership

Customers Endorse Your Dealership

Spike Social enables you to Mass Market through the world’s #1 Purchase Influencer using the #1 Communication Channel with one simple act. Spike Social works on all popular social platforms.



Customers Endorse Your Dealership
Cultivate New Customers

Cultivate New Customers

Each microsite includes a Call to Action Banner which can be set to automatically dial the salesperson’s cell phone or can be directly linked to the Dealer’s own Data Capture Landing Page. Dealers now have a new channel to influence their customers and their friends.



Cultivate New Customers
Watch your business grow

Watch your business grow

The data builds in real-time to show numerous activities and more specifically – social sharing results. Each Campaign is monitored, giving Dealers valuable insights. Dealers can view each Sales Member’s performance as well as which Customers are their best Ambassadors.



Watch your business grow

Dealers Love SpikeSocial.

“The car business is all about referrals, and this tool is sending new referrals my way. Love it.”

— Dylan Foui / Team Foui, North America’s #1 Sales Team
“We’re reaching potential customers in a way that’s never been done before. ”
— Serge Beaudoin, Kia Ste-Foy & Kia Quebec


“Our sales team found it easy to use and it really invigorated our delivery process. ”

— Gabriel DaSilva, General Manager, Leggat Chevrolet Buick GMC Toronto

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