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Need a Few Creative Ideas?

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With hundreds of filter treatments and dozens of creative functions, we can add just the right creative touch to your next event or retail experience.

  • Use our AI-based background removal to place your guest in various scenes.
  • Have a pet-portrait day
  • Drop all of the submissions into a mosaic or gallery
  • Text to Screen: We can place the type your guest adds into thought bubbles, on football jerseys, signs, billboards, and just about anywhere else
  • BobbleHeads and/or Insert-a-Face
  • Static or Animated overlays
  • Augmented Reality masks
  • and lots more!

Our turn-key packages are designed to maximize participation at your next event, whether virtual or face-to-face. Use any iOS or Android device, or ask your guests to use their own images and you'll create an instant army of brand ambassadors, all uploading photos on behalf of your brand.

Looking for a physical photo booth? Order one of our popular tower or wall hanging booths complete with vinyl wrap and brand campaigns installed.


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