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Our Platform Supports a Wide Range of Activations

Our Platform Supports a Wide Range of Activations

Capture Apps

White label photo booth and camera apps for brand promotions. Use your own hardware or ours. Find out more…

Data Capture

Collect emails, phone numbers, or full surveys on the booth screen, on a registration iPad, or online.
Find out more…

Image Effects

Transform your photos, GIFs, boomerangs, and videos, into amazing clips that get shared. Find out more…

Photo Scan Cards

One option: consumers trigger the photo booth with a physical photo pass or loyalty card. Find out more…

Branded Delivery

Brand every aspect of the photo booth UI, emails, SMS, online interactive and calls-to-action. Find out more…

Custom Reporting

Have your custom dashboard reports sent to your inbox and the collected data sent to your API. Find out more…

Social Integration

Share photo and GIF videos to social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Public Displays

Images captured by photo booths can be directed to a big screen social wall, photo mosaic, or photo contest. Find out more…

Capture Device Flexibility

Capture Device Flexibility

Use your own hardware or have us deliver fully branded and configured capture solutions.

Branded Photo Apps

Install our apps on your existing tablets or mobile devices to capture branded images, or have us create a fully custom app for your brand.

Handheld Capture Devices

Enable your staff to shoot Green Screen videos, red carpet photos, or GIFs with an iPad or DSLR. Capture images while collecting consumer data.

Photo Booth Deployments

Whether you are looking for a large-scale photo booth deployment or long-term installs, we can supply the perfect hardware.

Metal tower photo booths, wall mounted ring light booths, laser cut marketing panels, portable booths, and custom booths…we offer it all. 

Capture Device Flexibility

Tailor the 4 Key Benefits to Your Marketing Goals


Engage Onsite

Engage visitors to your store or event with an image capture experience.

Collect Data

Build your list and generate leads. Collect consumer data and save it directly to your database.

Drive Traffic

Highlight a call-to-action: leave an online review, signup for your loyalty program, visit your retail location. 

Social Sharing

Win at social media marketing as your guests share your branded content with their friends.

Central Control

Central Control

Every aspect of the capture and delivery can be customized, by your team or ours.

Our team can do advanced customizations and integrations so that the consumer experience flow exactly matches your requirements.

Your team can login and create distinct campaigns and push to any number of capture devices on any schedule.  Find out more…

Central Control

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